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Remote control

Rido Bord 120

Rido Bord 120

Indoor thermostat destined to handle temperature inside the room by regulate work of circulating pump.

In addition it has function of remote pannel which gives opportunity to change temperatire of heating circuit. Thermostat has large LCD  display and buttons made in capacitive technology.
Device is prepared to be mounted on wall without other source of power. Small dimensions and subdued colours makes it easy to siut it to accomodation spaces.

Thermostat RidoBord 120 co-operates with every BRAGER's automatics. Connection between controller on boiler and thermostat is provided by four-core cable.

Main pros of controller:

  • Ability to handle temperature of air indoor and heating circuit

  • Intuitive use

  • Ability to choose heating circuit
  • Pannel is powered straight from controller at boiler

  • Warrning of controller alerts
  • Large LCD display

  • Co-operation with every BRAGER's company controllers

Package include:
-Four wire cable for connection with controller (10m)

Controller's work condtions:

Source of power  5,5 – 9 VDC
Range of wetness 30 - 75%
Environment temperature 5 - 40°C
Electricity usage without additional devices 2 W
Download manual

Manual Rido Bord 120

Data dodania: 15 czerwca 2018r.

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