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Success satisfies even more when we can share it with our Customers and business partners. Thank you for the trust you have been giving to us for so many years.

01.09.2014 – Production of the BCA-01 Combustion Process Quality Analyser

We are introducing our original project - the BCA-01 Combustion Process Quality Analyser for solid fuel-fired boilers. It is an innovative analyser, the only in its class that enables continuous measurement of key parameters, such as oxygen concentration in exhaust gas, temperature of exhaust gas, carbon dioxide emission, boiler efficiency and chimney emission. Patented design (Polish patent application filed), allowing to measure all parameters, even in environments with high dust concentration. 

An innovative device for control and adjustment of the combustion process in solid fuel-fired boilers from 25 up to 5,000 kW.

10.04.2015 - the BCA-01 Combustion Process Quality Analyser awarded

We are pleased to inform that our BCA-01 Combustion Process Quality Analyser has been awarded in the Contest of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region “i-Wielkopolska – Innowacyjni dla Wielkopolski” in the category of “Micro Enterprises” in 2014.

The jury has decided that our analyser is an innovative product that could improve the quality of the combustion process in solid fuel-fired boilers in the following years.

01.12.2015 – Cooperation with the Poznań University of Technology

We have signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Machines and Transport of the Poznań University of Technology. The goal of the cooperation is the common research concerning the scope of control and optimising of the solid fuel combustion process in low and medium capacity boilers. We believe that our common activity will contribute to the development of innovative methods of combustion of solid fuels. 

BRAGER devices will use new control algorithms, contributing to the improvement of their competitive advantage. As a result, the Customers will get products with the highest quality.

01.04.2016 – Participation in the 11th Scientific and Technical Conference in Sosnowiec

During the 11th Scientific and Technical Conference in Sosnowiec, Rafał Urbaniak, CEO of BRAGER, presented a paper concerning The problem of pollution produced by individual heating systems – the analysis of causes and suggested solution. He presented the results of the research conducted by BRAGER in collaboration with the Chair of Thermal Technology.

The latest solution with pending Polish patent application – the Combustion Process Quality Control System for solid fuel-fired boilers has been presented during the conference.

25.04.2016 – New products presented during the INSTALACJE 2016 fair

During the INSTALACJE 2016 fair on 25-28 April 2016 at the MTP fairgrounds in Poznań, we have presented the newest BRAGER boiler automatic systems.

Our solutions were presented at the stand of Heiztechnik. There was a great interest of the fair visitors.

01.05.2016 - Cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology

We have started cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Process Design of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Silesian University of Technology. In the following years, our cooperation may result in multiple common research projects in the field of modern methods of solid fuels combustion. We are convinced that the Silesian University of Technology has a great experience in the issues of combustion of solid fuels. 

Starting cooperation with such a valuable partner for future research is a great distinction for us and an incomparable chance for future development. 

15.01.2017 – "Wprost" magazine about the BRAGER’s solution

Our research concerning the control and optimising of the solid fuels combustion process has been appreciated in Poland! An article describing the Solid Fuel Combustion Process Control and Optimising System, developed by BRAGER, has been published in one of the most popular Polish magazines.

Our solution has been described as one of the most promising tools to fight smog and air pollution in Poland 

28.03.2017 – BRAGER with trademark protection

We have received a notification from the Polish Patent Office, confirming that the trade name and the graphical mark of BRAGER have been granted trademark protection.

Our Customers will be assured that when buying products signed with BRAGER trademark, they always get the highest quality.
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