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About us

Manufacturer of innovative electronic devices

Technologies with added value

Based on many years of experience and scientific research,
we create crucial solutions that allow boiler manufacturers
to make their offer more attractive.

Company with tradition

BRAGER has been established with the idea to bring new quality to the Polish market of electronic devices. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained over the years has enabled us to develop our offer and introduce innovative solution in electronics, automatics and control of energy generation processes


From the very beginnings, we have employed persons focused on building a strong brand and increasing the customers' trust, creating modern products and fulfilling challenging projects for many branches of industry..

Currently we are considered a strong and credible business partner, open to the requirements of the most demanding customers and really influencing the future of the Polish electronics.

Latest technologies

The world of electronics is changing rapidly. In order to follow the changes and meet the requirements of our customers, we continuously develop our production department using the latest achievements in designing, prototyping and production.

At each stage of the production process we use worldwide solutions that ensure the highest quality of the offered products.

Scientific background

In order to ensure efficient control of energy generation processes, the engineering knowledge alone is not enough. The key to find the best solutions is excellent knowledge of the controlled processes, therefore we have always been focused on maintaining close cooperation with the academic partners - Poznań University of Technology and Silesian University of Technology.

Extensive theoretical knowledge and common research ensure the excellent quality of the devices, conforming to the highest worldwide standards.

Advanced designing tools

Our employees form a well-coordinated team of the best specialists who commonly work for the success of the company. In order to make best use of the human resources, the company needs appropriate tools. That is why we keep investing in new solutions in designing and prototyping of new devices.

At every stage of the design process we use the advanced CAD/CAM technologies supporting creation of solutions in IT, electronics and mechanics. 

We run our own laboratory where products undergo thorough testing for security of operation and electromagnetic compatibility.

Highest production standards

The basis of the success is paying attention even to the smallest details. Considering that, we pay maximum attention to our products beginning from the process of production. The entire production process is strictly controlled and performed in highly sterile environment. 

All products undergo thorough testing during the final phase of production, both in terms of correct operation and aesthetic appearance.

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