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Remote control


BRAGER Connect – a new standard for remote control and servicing of equipment

Thanks to the innovative BRAGER Connect system, not only the user, but also the manufacturer, service technician and installer of the boiler has the possibility of remote control of the heating system.

BRAGER Connect is a revolutionary form of control and servicing of heating devices on the Polish scale. Combining 3 solutions:

  • The controller
  • The MEDIA BORD 200 Internet module
  • The BRAGER Connect application

we have created a complete system for remote control of the boiler and the entire heating system – from any device with Internet access, 24h/7. Implementation of the system is associated with numerous benefits for both the professionals and their customers.


New standard for remote control and remote support

The free BRAGER Connect application allows you to operate and control the boiler and the entire heating system from any device with Internet access, 24h/7.

See what you can gain

  • LOWER COSTS OF SERVICE – you minimize the number of trips because you service your devices remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • LESS COMPLAINTS – you have less complaints because you have constant control over “your” devices and implementations.
  • QUICK SUPPORT – you build the image of a company offering innovative mobile solutions, thanks to which you can help your customers in case of a breakdown.


The application:

  • Will notify you when there are serious system failures
  • Will show you the history of events from the last days
  • Will adjust to your device’s screen size (RWD)
  • Will enable you to manage your heating circuit remotely

The smartphone is an integral part of our lives. It is used for communication, exchange of information, acquisition of data, entertainment, and more and more often to manage key processes at home and in the company. Responding to the growing needs of users in terms of mobility and remote control, we designed the BRAGER Connect application. Thanks to the function of granting different types of permissions, the user can be supported remotely in effective management of the installation by professionals – manufacturers, service technicians and boiler installers. This is a revolutionary form of control and servicing of heating devices on the Polish scale.

A solution for the benefit of each group


Are you a boiler user?
Are you a professional (manufacturer, installer, service technician)?

With BRAGER Connect:


  • you can remotely change the boiler parameters and controller settings when, for example, you are not at home or on a longer vacation
  • you will be notified when an event important to you occurs
  • you can add, delete or make modules available to other users and give them different permissions (Owner / Service Technician / User / Guest)
  • you can be sure of a quick response to your service requests
  • you save on stationary visits by service technicians
  • you feel safe

With BRAGER Connect:


  • you gain access to all parameters of your customers’ heating systems
  • you can remotely change the settings of the boilers and installations
  • you save time on stationary visits to customers when a problem arises
  • you have less complaints because you have constant control over “your” devices and implementations
  • you can respond to service requests 24h/7
  • you build the image of a modern company, offering innovative mobile solutions



Control of heating via the Internet means savings resulting not only from a remote change of operating parameters of heating devices, but also from an innovative, remote system of servicing and managing of boilers.

Thanks to BRAGER's solutions, anyone who receives the permission can have an impact on the user’s thermal comfort, their heating expenses and the safety and proper functioning of the heating system.


How to manage an installation with BRAGER Connect?

The remote management system of the heating installation is made up of:

  • the BRAGER controller
  • the MEDIA BORD 200 Internet module
  • the BRAGER Connect application

The application connects with the module and then with the controller. Configuration is simple and completely safe. To start using the application, you must download it from:

  • com – for stationary devices
  • com – for mobile devices running Android
  • com/pl/app/bragercloud – for mobile devices running iOS

The application is free of charge. After installing it, it is worth to run the DEMO mode to test the basic functions without interfering with the boiler operation. Then you need to register an account by entering the following:

  • login
  • email address
  • password
  • individual ID number (located on the plate under the device)

Once the form is filled in, we will send a message with an activation link to the indicated e-mail address, which you should click to confirm your wish to create an account. Finished! You can now use the application. The main screen will show all available modules that can be managed.

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Date of addition: 20 pa┼║dziernika 2020r.

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