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Remote control

Media Bord 100

Limitless remote control

To come out in front Consumers needs of comfort and conveniences we created MEDIA BORD 100. This device provides oversight and handling of boilers work parameters through GSM network from all over the world.
Media Bord 100

MEDIA BORD 100 module provides flow of data in heating system through GSM network and radio waves.

GSM communication module allowing to handle and oversight boilers work conditions regardless of place consumer is at. Handling is happening by telephhone and SIM card using to communicate with User's phone.
Device provides communication up to four users and safety thanfully to PIN password. In case of incorrections in combutions process MEDIA BORD 100 alerts about 29 diffrend failitures. One of  advantages is compatibility with all BRAGER Company's controllers which means comfort and confidence of heating system work.
At the same time device performs as a expansion module to BRAGER units enables connection of up to three devices working in BRAGER network at once.

Basic antenna guarantess well signal but thinking about high-maintanance Users we gave opportunity to mount external antenna.


Main pros of device:

  • Remote controll of entire heating system
  • Notifies of alerts
  • Communication for four users
  • PIN password
  • Opportunity to mount external antena for for places with poor GSM network signal 
  • Handling of module from all over the world

Download manual

Manual MEDIA BORD 100

Data dodania: 20 Feb 2019r.

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